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Rangeland Improvements

H&N Enterprises roots come from agriculture in the form of cattle ranching, sheep ranching and farming. As agriculture tradition is passed down from previous generations so is the value of sustainable practices and environmentalism. On all of the properties we own and lease we make valuable improvements to enhance the production and viability of the land. We have come to perform these improvements and services to other land owners and public agencies as well. H&N Enterprises has completed many successful improvements in water delivery systems and livestock water in the form of spring development, holding tanks, troughs, and ponds. We consult with Freitas Rangeland Improvements for our Solar Powered water projects, who is also a TSP provider for the USDA NRCS. A typical water system includes development of a spring, solar powered water source, or both that is then pumped into a holding tank and distributed by gravity to a multiple trough system. The dual system is ideal for any livestock fields.

Having multiple watering sites for livestock can improve drastically the forage and biodiversity of your range. H&N has many options of service for installing the underground for the water systems including traditional trenching and schedule 40 pipe to plowing HDPE line for extreme terrain and long distances.

Another service offered by H&N Enterprises is rotational livestock fencing, exclusionary fencing, sediment fencing, and Environmentally sensitive area (ESA) fencing. Many of the ranches the we operate on we have installed rotational/cross fencing to better manage and utilize the forage on the range. Our traditional livestock fence uses T133 pickets, high tensile barbwire, in-line braces, and 5 to 6 wires depending on the livestock. Due to the growing concern of wildlife entrapment in troughs and water systems we have designed our own wildlife float covers and escape ramps available through our web page.

Rangeland Improvement Services

  • Spring Development
  • Solar Powered Water Systems
  • Ponds Construction
  • Pond Repair/Maintenance
  • Livestock Fencing
  • Environmental Fencing

Rangeland Improvement Products

  • Tanks
  • Troughs
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Float Covers
  • Wildlife Escape ladders
  • Walk Through Pedestrian Gates

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